XAAR 2001+ GS6U/GS12U/GS40U Printer Head for inkjet printer


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  • Exceptional print quality at high line speed: exceed customer expectations and secure repeat business with highest quality prints delivered the next day. With a digital press enabled with Xaar 2001+ U printheads, you can print 720 dpi resolution for sharp edges and clean, crisp text.
  • Varnish effects with Xaar’s High Laydown (HL) Technology: offer exciting new print possibilities using high build tactile effects that significantly enhance shelf appeal and ensure products stand when on display. Xaar’s unique HL Technology enables a very high build of UV varnish – an 80 µm layer thickness at 50 m/min line speed is possible with the Xaar 2001+ GS12U.
  • Peace of mind with a continuous, reliable printing: multiple technologies unique to Xaar ensure continuous and reliable printing in single-pass operation, maximizing production output, minimizing production interruptions, and reducing the need for operator intervention.

Optimize production output with exceptional print quality at high line speed with the Xaar 2001+ U printhead and High Laydown Technology Choosing a digital inkjet printing press optimized with the Xaar 2001+ U printhead and High Laydown Technology makes perfect business sense. Combining high resolution and proven TF Technology ink recirculation, the Xaar 2001+ U sets a new standard for print quality and reliability in digital printing and is the best value printhead on the market today for a wide range of industrial applications. Benefits of digital printing • Cost-effective production with no limit on the run length • Short print runs for limited editions or localized promotions • No minimum order quantity • No need to produce unwanted labels or overs due to minimum batch size • Rapid order turnaround once the design is agreed • Simple workflow with quick and easy job setup and changeover • Avoids the complexities, cost and waste associated with flexo printing. Applications The Xaar 2001+ U printheads are perfect for printing: Décor Packaging • Glass • Folding cartons • Laminates • Labels • Wallpaper.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 32 × 20 cm
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XAAR 2001+ GS6U, XAAR 2001+ GS12U, XAAR 2001+ GS40U