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Seiko 1536 printhead

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Seiko RC1536 printhead Introduction

Seiko 1536 printhead

At present, the main manufacturers in the ceramic industry are Guangzhou KINGTAU mechanical and Italy’s SiTi(PROJECTA), and Spain’s Cretaprint in the use of Seiko RC1536 series inkjet printheads. In addition, Seiko also officially launched the rc1536 series of the water-based printhead, Seiko RC1536L, and Seiko 1536max printhead. Since then, the application market of the inkjet printing head series is bound to be broader. The company launched the 1536-ED5 model.

The performance indexes in the parameters of Seiko RC1536 printhead are relatively high, such as the number of nozzles is 1536, the resolution is 360pdi, the printing width is 108mm, the ink drop is 10-133pl, the ignition frequency is about 37khz, and Seiko RC1536 printhead combines the advantages of other brand printheads.

Print head advantages

1.Seiko RC1536GS printhead can effectively solve the problem of special ink deposition and eliminate ink bubbles;

2.Seiko RC1536GS/RC1536L/RC1536MAX/RC1536 ED5 printhead is designed for the field of extreme industrial inkjet printing. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, and adaptability to various types of ink;

3.Gray variable point printing technology, precision RC1536gs printhead supports eight levels of gray printing, can output 10-133pl ink drops of different sizes, single-point ignition frequency is higher than 37khz, making RC1536 printhead achieve high speed, high efficiency, and high-quality image output; RC1536L can reach 200pl ink volume;

4.Built-in EPROM memory, precision RC1536gs printhead built-in EPROM memory, users can set data according to their own needs to meet market diversification;

5.Internal circulation technology, Seiko RC1536 GS printhead can effectively solve the problem of special ink deposition and eliminate ink bubbles

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