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Xaar launches new generation of Nitrox inkjet printheads

Deliver a better printing experience for customers


New generation of Nitrox inkjet printheads for a better printing experience

Based on Xaar’s Creative X printing platform, featuring a number of industry-leading technologies.

Plug-and-print functionality for significantly faster, more uniform and better print results.

Supports a wide range of fluids and applications.

Xaar, the leading digital inkjet technology group, has recently launched a new generation of inkjet printheads, the Xaar Nitrox, which delivers unparalleled print performance with significant improvements in print speed and uniformity, and support for a wide range of print applications.

The Nitrox is a new generation of inkjet printheads based on Xaar’s ImagineX platform, which sets the direction for Xaar’s high volume inkjet innovations and printhead technology.

With an ignition frequency of up to 48kHz and print speeds of up to 100 metres per minute, speed is a key feature of the new generation of Xaar Nitrox inkjet printheads. At the same time, the Xaar Nitrox is quicker, simpler and more reliable to set up and automate with Xaar’s AcuChp technology, which provides a significant increase in speed.

Nitrox inkjet printheads feature a ‘plug and print’ function that maintains excellent print uniformity while maximising printer uptime. Xaar’s patented True Internal Circulation Technology (TF Technology) also minimises temperature variations within the printhead, avoiding the resulting variation in print density and maintaining a constant ink viscosity to ensure the same great results every time.

In addition, TF True Internal Circulation technology allows the ink to continuously flow directly over the back of the nozzles at very high flow rates, thus enabling Xaar Nitrox to provide an instant and continuous ink supply without the need for costly and wasteful cleaning prior to printing. The extremely high flow rate also prevents ink settling and nozzle clogging, especially when using high density inks. This means that the Xaar Nitrox inkjet printhead greatly improves printing accuracy even under the most demanding printing conditions.

Xaar Nitrox printheads enable a wide range of printing applications while supporting a wide range of fluids. The Nitrox inkjet printhead allows for multi-directional printing thanks to its open architecture and ‘True Internal Circulation Patented Technology’. As a result, the Xaar Nitrox can print with a high degree of precision, whether vertically, horizontally or mounted on a robot arm in accelerated or decelerated motion.
High Laydown high volume inkjet technology enables large volumes of fluid to be ejected in a single motion. Used in conjunction with Xaar’s patented TF True Internal Circulation technology, it can support fluids with higher particle loads and larger particle sizes, and even ultra-high viscosity fluids up to 100cP. As a result, Xaar Nitrox is able to print higher colour gamut and special effects, as well as jetting higher molecular weight materials. This also makes the Nitrox inkjet printhead suitable not only for specialised printing applications in the ceramics, glass and packaging industries, but also for use in advanced manufacturing and 3D printing.
Xaar’s Nitrox inkjet printheads are available in Core, Pro and Elite versions, backwards compatible with applications using the Xaar 1003 printhead, giving customers the flexibility to choose according to their needs.
Nitrox Core for applications using oil-based inks, such as tiles and architectural finishes.
Nitrox Pro for applications with higher fluid requirements, such as soluble salts and glass frit inks for glass printing.
With an ignition frequency of up to 48kHz and excellent drop jet accuracy, the Nitrox Elite perfectly supports functional inks, 3D printing and traditional graphic label printing applications.
Graham Tweedale, General Manager of Xaar’s Printhead Division, said: “We are delighted to launch a new generation of inkjet printheads based on the Creative X high ink volume platform. The Xaar Nitrox offers excellent print speed, performance and productivity, whether it’s 3D printing with the latest high viscosity fluids or printing packaging and labels with high ink volume printing technology, every jet guarantees accurate printing results.”

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