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Ricoh MH5220 Printhead GEN5S PRINTHEAD UV & Solvent base inks

This Ricoh GEN5S UV printhead with a cable length of 248mm is suitable for a range of UV, Solvent, and Aqueous-based printers.


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This Ricoh head (MH5220 series) is compatible with UV-based inks. 

A 2.5 pl drop size allows for excellent print quality without graininess. With 1,280 nozzles configured in 4 x 150dpi rows, this head achieves high-resolution 600dpi printing. Additionally, the ink paths are isolated, enabling a single head to jet up to two ink colors. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 89 x 24.7 x 64.2 mm (excluding cables)
  • Head materials: SST, Nickel alloy, and Epoxy Adhesive
  • Number of nozzles: 1,280 (4 x 320 channels), staggered
  • Nozzle spacing: 0.1693 mm (1/150″)
  • Max. number of color inks: 2 colors
  • Temperature control: Integrated Heater and Thermistor
  • Operator temperature range: 60° C
  • Drop volume: Binary mode : 2.5pl / Grey-scale mode : 2.5-9pl (depending on the ink)
  • Jetting frequency: 30kHz
  • Viscosity range: 10-12 mPa.s
  • Gray scale: 4 levels
  • Number of ink ports: 2 x dual ports
  • Alignment pin direction: front (standard)
  • Ink Compatibility: UV Inks
  • Weight: 148 g

Printer compatibility
Sign Racer Flatbed 1610

And all Chinese different brand UV printer which assembled with Ricoh Gen 6 printhead.

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