Square connector DX5 / XP600 Printhead damper with double metal shrapnels - Buy Printhead & Spare parts from really source

Square connector DX5 / XP600 Printhead damper with double metal shrapnels

This high quality, generic large solvent resistant damper (3mm fitting) with large internal mesh filter compatible with recent models from Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki printers that require 3mm fittings for tubes.

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This solvent and a water-resistant large damper is suitable for all Chinese printers using DX5 printhead. This high-quality generic damper offers the same performance as the original dampers.


Allsign AS1802S

Allsign AS3202S

Allsign E6184

Allwin E-320

Anajet FP-125

Galaxy BY-1801B

Galaxy UD-1612LC

Galaxy UD-1612W

Galaxy UD-161LC

Galaxy UD-161W

Galaxy UD-1812LA

Galaxy UD-1812LC

Galaxy UD-181LA

Galaxy UD-181LC

Galaxy UD-2112LA

Galaxy UD-2112LC

Galaxy UD-211LA

Galaxy UD-211LC

Galaxy UD-2512LA

Galaxy UD-2512LC

MeiTu MT-E1802S

MeiTu MT-Starjet 5.0

MeiTu MT-StarJet 7701

MeiTu MT-StarJet 7702

MeiTu MT-StarJet 7702L

MeiTu MT-StarJet 7703

MeiTu MT-StarJet 7703L

MeiTu MT-StarJet 77802L

MeiTu MT-StarJet W7701

Myjet MW1601EP5

DSPrismaJet GE 1802

DSIIPrismaJet GE 1802 S

PrismaJet GE 1802 SII

Robustelli Monna Lisa 160 HT12

Robustelli Monna Lisa 160 TM12

Robustelli Monna Lisa 180 HT12

Robustelli Monna Lisa 180 TM12

Robustelli Monna Lisa 320 HT12

Robustelli Monna Lisa 320 TM12

Rodin 1804

Smart Color FT1800


WER ES1802

WER ES2502

WER ES3202


Xunfei ME1300

Xunfei ME1600

Xunfei ME900

Funxun XP600 printhead eco printer;


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 10 cm

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