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Roland Blade Holder Metal-XD-CH2

This high-quality, adjustable cutter holder is suitable for all Roland printers with cutting functions.


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This high-quality, adjustable cutter holder is suitable for all Roland printers with cutting functions.

Printer compatibility
Roland BN-20

Roland CJ-540

Roland CM-12

Roland CM-24

Roland CM-300

Roland CM-400

Roland CM-500

Roland CX-12

Roland CX-24

Roland CX-300

Roland CX-400

Roland CX-500

Roland FJ-500

Roland FJ-540

Roland FJ-600

Roland FP-740

Roland GX-24

Roland GX-300

Roland GX-400

Roland GX-500

Roland GX-640

Roland LEC-300

Roland LEC-300

Roland LEC-330

Roland LEC-540

Roland LEF-12

Roland LEF-20

Roland LEJ-640

Roland PNC-1000a

Roland PNC-1050

Roland PNC-1100

Roland PNC-1200

Roland PNC-1210

Roland PNC-1410

Roland PNC-1410K

Roland PNC-1510

Roland PNC-1510hs

Roland PNC-1600

Roland PNC-1610

Roland PNC-1610S

Roland PNC-1800

Roland PNC-1850

Roland PNC-1860

Roland PNC-1900

Roland PNC-1910

Roland PNC-2100

Roland PNC-2100a

Roland PNC-2200

Roland PNC-2200a

Roland PNC-2300

Roland PNC-2300a

Roland PNC-300

Roland PNC-3101

Roland PNC-3200

Roland PNC-500

Roland PNC-5000

Roland PNC-900

Roland PNC-910

Roland PNC-950

Roland PNC-960

Roland RA-640

Roland RE-640

Roland RS-540

Roland RS-640

Roland SC-500

Roland SC-540

Roland SC-545ex

Roland SJ-1045ex

Roland SJ-540

Roland SJ-645ex

Roland SJ-740

Roland SJ-745ex

Roland SP-300

Roland SP-300i

Roland SP-300v

Roland SP-540i

Roland SP-540v

Roland VP-300

Roland VP-300i

Roland VP-540

Roland VP-540i

Roland VS-300

Roland VS-300i

Roland VS-420

Roland VS-540

Roland VS-540i

Roland VS-640

Roland VS-640i

Roland XC-540

Roland XC-540mt

Roland XF-640

Roland XJ-540

Roland XJ-640

Roland XJ-740

Roland XR-640


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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

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